Single Stream Recycling Program

Residential recyclables are collected curbside twice per month on your regular refuse collection day.  Remember that recycling is collected every other week.  Recycling carts placed out on the wrong week will not be collected.

All of your recyclables should be placed in your blue cart.  This is known as single stream recycling.  Single stream recycling allows residents to put all their plastic, glass, steel and aluminim containers into one cart with their paper.

Do not put trash, pet waste or yard waste in your blue recycling cart.  Carts containing trash or yard waste will not be collected.

Recycling Do's and Don'ts

All paper can be recycled if you follow these simple guidelines:
Paper must be dry and free of food residue or bathroom waste, plastic food liners must be removed from boxes, drink boxes and milk cartons must be empty and rinsed out, boxes flattened to save space and cut to the size of the bottom of the curbside cart, paper products should be placed loose in cart, shredded paper must be collected and placed in a paper bag.

Brown County has an all plastic bottle recycling program.  Place all plastic bottles in your recycling cart.  When the bottles are received at the Brown County MRF they will be sorted so the appropriate bottles can be recycled.