Storm Water Management

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as mandated by Congress under the Clean Water Act, developed a program to address urban sources of stormwater pollution. Passed down to each state to enforce, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) enacted a program called the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES). Under the WPDES program, the Village of Ashwaubenon was required to obtain a stormwater discharge permit since stormwater runoff ultimately is discharged into waters of the state from the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4), via ditches and storm sewer outfalls.

The Village of Ashwaubenon received a Phase II stormwater discharge permit (WI-S050075-1) effective October 11, 2006 specifying permit requirements. As part of meeting the mandated WDNR requirements, the Village of Ashwaubenon has developed a stormwater management plan that addresses these permit requirements. Each of the following permit conditions needs to be implemented:

  • Public Education and Outreach
  • Public Involvement and Participation
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Construction Site Pollution Control
  • Post-Construction Site Stormwater Management
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Stormwater Quality Management
  • Storm Sewer System Mapping
  • Annual Reporting

Public Education and Outreach – actively promoting awareness of stormwater impacts on streams and wetlands.
Public Involvement and Participation – encouraging input and participation from the public on stormwater management issues.
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination – the discharge of pollutants (sanitary waste, oils, chemicals, etc.) into the stormwater drainage system is undesirable and illegal. Evidence of such will be properly documented and eliminated.
Construction Site Pollution Control – the Village of Ashwaubenon has enacted an Erosion Control Ordinance to actively prevent erosion potential and regulate construction sites.
Post-Construction Site Stormwater Management – the Village of Ashwaubenon has enacted a Post-Construction Stormwater Management Ordinance to actively ensure proper stormwater management techniques are installed on construction sites for future years.
Pollution Prevention – the Village of Ashwaubenon is continually monitoring and maintaining its own facility and how they are affected by stormwater to ensure compliance with local regulations.
Stormwater Quality Management – Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 151.13(2) and NR 216 require a 20% and 40% reduction in total suspended solids (TSS) in runoff that enters waters of the state by 2008 and 2013, respectively. Meeting this requirement will entail construction of additional stormwater management facilities.
Storm Sewer System Mapping – the storm drainage system is comprised of storm sewers, ditches and culverts and has been inventoried and mapped. Drainage basins associated with each storm drainage system are delineated and referenced to each systems outfall.
Annual Reporting – the WDNR requires an annual report to monitor the status of permitted responsibilities being undertaken by the Village of Ashwaubenon.

Implementation and continuous monitoring of stormwater management features within the Village of Ashwaubenon will allow the Village of Ashwaubenon to meet the Phase II stormwater permit requirements and reach the goal of cleaner streams, rivers, wetlands and groundwater.